F*cking SOB Offers Bristol Palin $50k to Abort Her Baby

The Left and Barack Obama’s campaign have stepped up their war against Sarah Palin by spreading the conflict to her family in the most disgusting manner.  They hate this woman because she will be transformational in American politics in the coming years.  She is a unapologetic patriot and a conservative and the left cannot stand that.

My friends … Has the world really come to this?

Or is this particular ‘person’ just a pathetic human stain in our world?

What is this young woman’s pregnancy to him? She’s NOT filing for welfare or government assistance that would suck-on his tax dollars. How is her pregnancy and her baby any business of his? Exactly how low below the fucking dog-pissed curb does someone have to be to initiate such a public display of flashing the miniscule size of his pubic equipment?

I want this slug to tell me in full detail exactly how he is directly effected by this young woman’s pregnancy and her baby? And a footnote, those same qualifications regarding her older brother’s volunteering for military service to this country?

At what point does such pathetic levels of narcissism become public masturbation?

The BVD brown-stain calls himself a ‘comedian’ who knows how and what buttons to push.

That’s nice. I’m happy for him. And I am certain that forces in the world, such as BAD “instant karma” WILL someday catch-up with him … and reward him for all the positive energy he has farted forth in his adult life.

Me? I am 99% certain I wouldn’t spit or piss on him were he afire. The remaining 1% attributed to any danger his stinking blaze might present to surrounding structures and/or other more worthy humans.

THESE are the kinds of ‘people’ who are Obama’s biggest supporters and champions. Personally, if I had people like this in my corner … I’d take a long hard look at myself in a mirror.

Read the rest and view the videos at Pat Dollard’s website here.


One Response to F*cking SOB Offers Bristol Palin $50k to Abort Her Baby

  1. Zeke Eagle says:

    Stanhope had better find a hole,crawl in and never emerge to open his vile act again. He’s a hunted thing.

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