Sarah Palin Email Hacked by Left Wing

The war on Sarah Palin and her family continues. Liberal Fascist Thugs run amok.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Mail account has been hacked and information from the account has been posted on Wikileaks, an online repository for documents.

The summary posted on Wikileaks reads thus: “Circa midnight Tuesday the 16th of September (EST) activists loosely affiliated with the group ‘anonymous’ gained access to U.S. Republican Party Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo e-mail account and passed information to Wikileaks.

They also posted information including family pictures to Gawkers and other left wing blogs/websites.

In case you don’t realize it this is a federal crime.  Not that the left worries about little things like that.

Follow developments at Michelle Malkin’s blog here.

2 Responses to Sarah Palin Email Hacked by Left Wing

  1. RC says:

    I think calling Anonymous a group of “liberals” is a stretch. More like bored 14 year olds.

    They also hacked John Edwards’s online office in Second Life, messed with Lindsay Lohan’s Myspace page, etc. etc. etc. If they were liberals they wouldn’t have messed with Edwards.

    They’re just a bunch of bored kids who get their jollies out of messing with people online. Palin gave them an opportunity by being lax with her Yahoo e-mail and using it for state business, so they went after her.

    But to blame this on Democrats or liberals in general is to distort the reality of the group.

    They hang around on the /b/ forum of if you want to see them for yourself. It’s mostly a venue for making offensive jokes, posting porn, and playing pranks like this. Left-wing revolution it is not.

  2. libertyboy says:

    I think the fact that the liberal websites posted the information for public dissemination even with the knowledge that it had been illegally obtained is the telling point that allows it to be pinned on liberals.

    The saddest part is that nothing in there did anything whatsoever to damage Sarah Palin’s reputation or credibility. So once again the left shoots itself in the foot, aiding and abetting criminal activity for zero gain. If the left hadn’t proven itself to be a bunch of pathetic losers in the past, I’d almost have to believe this is some Rovian plot to make them look bad.

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