Profile in Cowardice

Ahmadinejad Big Winner in New York!
Jewish Leaders put Politics before Victory!

Today the leaders of the major Jewish Organizations in the United States decided that Iran and it’s march to obtain nuclear weapons was a secondary issue compared with their concern over domestic politics. They single-handedly destroyed any hope of cooperation with concerned non-jewish groups who were united in their opposition to the threat of a nuclear Iran and the rantings of the psychotic Ahmadinejad.

Last year politicians from several political parties spoke at the big anti-Ahmadinejad rally at the UN and thousands of jews and non-jews rallied at Columbia to protest that University’s invitation for him to speak there.

This year they had the opportunity to attract thousands more to the cause. They squandered it. One Democrat turns down an invitation to speak and calls it ‘political’ and they go all wobbly at the knees. Their solution? Cancel speaking invitations to ALL politicians.

Let’s face it. We all know exactly why they did it. Because the Democrat Party did not want to give Sarah Palin, the republican candidate for Vice President, the opportunity to demonstrate her support for Israel and her concern over the Iran situation. What were they afraid of? That people might see that she was a real person? That people might hear her express her support in a manner that might let them know that she is genuine and concerned rather than the caricature the Democrat party makes her out to be? Are they so afraid of Sarah Palin that they will resort to having the whole anti-Ahmadinejad movement self destruct? It appears so.

So go to your rally. Enjoy the company of all who believe that Ahmadinjad will somehow miraculously be stopped by a democrat. I hope the chains that bind you to the party of collaboration and defeat lay lightly upon you because you have handed the Iranian president a victory he could never have won on his own. Your cowardice in failing to stand up to those who turned this political has rung the death knell for cooperation in the future because you do not hold the mission to be everything.

For more read Atlas’ posting here.


3 Responses to Profile in Cowardice

  1. Zeke Eagle says:

    NEW YORK (CBS) ― Hillary Clinton won’t be speaking at Monday’s anti-Iran rally at the United Nations — and neither will Republican Sarah Palin or any other politicians for that matter.

    The reason? A heated behind the scenes tug-of-war.

    Sources tell CBS 2 HD that a decision to disinvite Palin from the high profile rally after Clinton pulled out in a huff came as the result of intense pressure from Democrats.

    “This is insulting. This is embarrassing, especially to Gov. Palin, to me and I think it should be to every single New Yorker,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, told CBS 2 HD.

    Sources say the axes were out for Palin as soon as Sen. Clinton pulled out because she did not want to attend the same event as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

    “I have never seen such raw emotion — on both sides,” said someone close to the situation.

    The groups sponsoring the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN were reportedly told, “it could jeopardize their tax exempt status” if they had Palin and not Clinton or Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden on hand.

    So all politicians were disinvited, most prominently, Palin.

    “It’s an absolute shame that this has happened,” Hikind said. “To threaten organizations … to threaten the Conference of Presidents that if you don’t withdraw the invitation to Gov. Palin we’re going to look into your tax exempt status … that’s McCarthyism.”

    Another Jewish group tried to step into the breach by inviting Palin to a different protest a day earlier.

    “I’m absolutely appalled at the behavior of the Democrats,” said Bob Kunst of “I’m a Democrat and for the first time in my life I’m going to vote Republican. I can’t take it anymore.”

    As for Sen. Clinton, she brushed right past CBS 2 HD’s Lou Young when he tried to ask her about the issue on Thursday night.

    Lou Young: “Were the organizers of Monday’s rally right to depoliticize it?”

    Clinton walked past Young, said “Thank you all very much” and started hugging people.

    Clinton’s people tell CBS 2 HD she intends to make some statement of support for the protestors. She is also expected to attack Ahmadinejad’s pro-nuke, anti-Israel stance

  2. NYCEagleD says:

    This episode did much to showcase the innate decency of Governor Palin as compared to the one-party selfishness of the NY Demoratic political machine.
    I suspect it will only fan the flame of her popularity.


  3. Zeke Eagle says:

    by Andrew Breitbart – (WaTimes)

    With George Bush off the front pages for much of the last few months, the political pathology known as Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) took an unexpected summer hiatus.

    BDS sufferers – liberal Democrats seething over successive presidential election losses and hamstrung by a Republican president confidently wielding wartime authority – failed to transfer their enmity to Sen. John McCain, largely because they couldn’t bust his “maverick” brand, but to a larger extent because they assumed Sen. Barack Obama was going to win in a laugher.

    That presumption ended when Mr. McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Before Charlie Gibson could even grill the Alaska governor over her “hubris” in accepting Mr. McCain’s historic invitation, the raw rage that focused for eight years on the 43rd president of the United States transferred in a flash to a former “Miss Congeniality” and Anchorage suburban mother of five who immediately swung the momentum to Mr. McCain’s side.

    Palin Derangement Syndrome, a more irrational variant of the Bush contagion, doesn’t require sufferers to know anything about the subject of their hatred. Anonymous, unsourced rumors fuel the fire (book banning, speaking in tongues, creationism, etc.). Lovely family photos hacked from a personal e-mail account displayed on commercial Web sites push more buttons. Asterisks from Mrs. Palin’s biographical sketch – “moose hunter,” “small-town mayor,” “wife of champion snow machine racer” – cause excessive sweating and irregular heartbeats. She even fired a guy who Tased a 10-year-old. (Oh wait, she didn’t.)

    What will happen when they find out she shops at Wal-Mart?

    Predictably, the celebrity left – ridiculous enough to form a strong opinion based on unreliable data points and narcissistic enough to broadcast it – has taken to stage, television, newsprint and blogs to express its extreme ire at the Thrilla from Wasilla.

    Sandra Bernhard celebrated the 20th anniversary of her career-ending one-woman show, “Without You I’m Nothing,” warning that if Mrs. Palin were to go to Manhattan she’d be “gang-raped by [her] big black brothers.” The lipstick-on-a-pig lesbian also called Mrs. Palin a “bitch” and an “Uncle Woman.”

    Joyless niche comedian Margaret Cho blogged, “She is evil,” fantasized about having hateful sex with Mrs. Palin and attacked a multitude of her supporters: “If you were truly Christians, you would let gays get married, and send them #$%ng presents from Bed Bath and Beyond!”

    Everything-aholic Lindsay Lohan (”Mean Girls”) joined the Sapphic pile-on by issuing a joint diatribe with her putative partner, disc jockey Samantha Ronson: “Is our country so divided that the Republicans’ best hope is a narrow-minded, media-obsessed homophobe?”

    “Media obsessed?” Those cameras follow Mrs. Palin because she’s running for vice president. Not because she’s going to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – like some people we know.

    Not since Rosie O’Donnell & Co. manhandled Elizabeth Hasselbeck weekdays on “The View” have liberals been so gleeful to watch a bitter lesbian tear down a confident and beautiful conservative Republican woman. Unresolved high school lust and angst at well-adjusted cheerleaders and popular prom queens should be left for medical professionals, not for midmorning television gabfests.

    Read the rest at

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