Dear John: You handle the crisis. Let Sarah Palin debate Obama

Sen. John McCain did the right thing today by suspending his campaign to return to Washington to work on the financial crisis legislation that will be needed to resolve the current situation.

Barack Obama decided that this crisis was not worth his while, that he will continue to campaign and insists that the Friday debate go forward.

My suggestion to John McCain.  Take care of the nation’s business which is your responsibility as one of one hundred Senators.  Let Sarah Palin handle the small stuff.  In a recent poll of debate lineups the matchup between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin scored #1.  Let’s make that a reality and show the world how inept a leader this Obama would be when confronted with anything outside his comfort zone.

Palinize him.  Now.


9 Responses to Dear John: You handle the crisis. Let Sarah Palin debate Obama

  1. Katie J. Stephenson says:

    Dear John,



  2. Scott Somerville says:

    I am SO with you on this one! Send in Palin! Obama won’t be able to take her seriously, resulting in a whole lot of condescending, patronizing, eye-rolling stuff. The viewing public will lower the bar for Palin pretty close to the ground. If she can stand up straight and remember who the Sunnis and the Shi’ites are, she’ll squeak through.

    Meanwhile, McCain will CRUSH Obama on the “who’s really ready to be President” issue.

  3. joe says:

    He wont even let her talk to reporters.. .what makes you think he will let her debate a powerful speaker like
    Obama on national t v?

  4. John says:

    There is a ton of buzz on the blogs for Gov. Sarah Palin to step in for John in tomorrow night’s debate. It will be great when she walks in unannounced and mops the floor with his empty suit.

  5. I am with you big time on this one! The folks at Ole Miss’ are working their little hearts out getting ready so we can’t let them down. McCain did the right thing. However, Obama is spinning this to his advantage (and, unfortunately, it’s working.) Send the Barracuda to Mississippi! That’s what the VPs supposed to do, right? Step in when the president’s got his hands full with more important things. Great idea!

  6. G. Marshall says:

    This is a tall order for Palin to jump into the frey here. However, if she is up to this, this would achieve numerous objectives IF A DEAL IS NOT MADE. If Palin were to debate Obama is shows: 1. McCain trusts Palin to step in at a moment’s notice. 2. McCain IS a Maverick. 3. Palin is a Maverick 4. McCain is NOT Bush. 5. Palin is not Cheney. 5. Stirs things up and makes it exciting. 6. Takes Obama off his script 7. Puts the individuals with the least amount of experience up against one another. 8. If Obama is planning a town meeting format in McCain’s absence, he will be without his trusty handy-dandy teleprompter and THIS is the BEST forum for Palin (or anyone to take him on) as he attempts to stammer and stutter his way through issues.


  7. Janet says:

    McCain should not debate Obama. Obama gains that “looks Presidential going toe-to-toe with McCain,” aspect Libs like to talk about. Send Palin, he’ll look foolish losing to her.

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