The French Connection smears Sarah Palin

Who is really behind the lies and smears?

Jim Rosenthal begins unraveling the threads uncovered by the Jawa Report.

The Jawa Report’s outing of public relations man Ethan Winner as the poster of a professionally-produced anti-Sarah Palin smear video to YouTube has brought the company Publicis to the American public’s attention…

And what is Publicis? By its own account, Publicis is the fourth-largest communications group in the world, having generated some €4.7 billion (or $6.9 billion) in revenue in 2007. With its distinctive postmodern headquarters on Paris’ Champs-Elysées just a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe, Publicis also happens to be one of those highly politically-connected French firms that are so characteristic of the upper echelons of the French economy…

Publicis Consultants, the public relations division of Publicis to which Winner & Associates belongs, counts several French government ministries and the European Commission among its regular clients…

As Rusty Shackleford and others have pointed out, the notion that Ethan Winner and his cronies — all of them PR professionals — are just “concerned Americans” who attempted to make the Palin smear video “go viral” out of personal conviction is patently absurd. The obvious question, then, is for whom were Winner and his “associates” working? The most obvious answer is: the Obama campaign. Another and at least equally troubling possibility, however, is that they were working for one of Publicis’s high-powered European clients.

Read the whole thing here.

Note to France and the European Union:
Keep your stinking fingers on your own side of the Atlantic!


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