Nancy Pelosi scuttles Bailout

Not satisfied with approval ratings lower than any in recorded human history, Nancy Pelosi decided today to go on a tear. Just before the big vote on the financial lalapalooza bailout package she gets up and makes a passionate partisan speech blaming all the ills of the financial sector on President Bush. Claiming that

  1. Bush squandered the surpluses of the Clinton administration in only two years.
  2. Bush provided no oversight of the financial markets.

What a load of crapola! Let’s see… President Bush took office in 2001. Nine months later the United States was struck by the biggest attack ever. Financial activity took a nosedive. President Bush did all he could to get the economy on an even keel after that attack. It took over two years for the nation to recover. Where was Ms. Pelosi during that timeframe? Moonbat la-la-land that’s where.

President Bush also warned Congress 17 times since 2001 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were operating without oversight. Why was that? Because Congress, particularly the Democrats who were receiving payoffs via campaign contributions or cushy multimillion dollar jobs from those Agencies, didn’t want to bite the hands that paid them.

Ms. Pelosi’s son was working for Countrywide Financial during that period when other Democrat politicians were getting sweetheart mortgages from that company and reselling those mortgages to… Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Nancy Pelosi - Poster girl for Botox Brain Trauma

Nancy Pelosi - Poster girl for Botox Brain Trauma

Republican Statement is here.

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