Obama Propoganda already in School Textbooks

Now this is downright scary. I cannot ever remember a time when information (in this case 15 pages) extolling a candidate for president was ever published in a school textbook before that candidate was even elected.  Can You?  No mention is made of any other candidate

It will be a brave new world of socialist propaganda if ‘The One’ ever makes it into the oval office.

Read the whole thing here.


2 Responses to Obama Propoganda already in School Textbooks

  1. John Sieber says:

    The book in question is an English book. The article in question is a speech Obama gave during the 2004 National convention. It is used as part of a lesson plan on how to write a good speech. I guess they used his speech because it was well-written. My guess is as good as those who are going to immediately come to the half-baked conclusion that Obama (or Bill Ayers) had something to do with this.

  2. Slightly off-topic, but not too far. I’m trying to push my favorite bloggers to look at this Obama vs. Fox debate. Please read this article from The Nation which ends with the words “Maybe in an Obama White House, the terms of ‘fair and balanced’ will get renegotiated.” I only wish that were satire. The comments from avid Nation readers are even scarier.


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