Stop Vets! The Democrat Rallying Cry this Election!

Democrat thugs have been stealing lawn signs, defacing and stealing billboards and doing everything they can to try and stifle the Victory message coming from the Lee Zeldin for Congress campaign. Lee is one of the Iraq Vets for Congress who are running against entrenched Democrat incumbents to return the Congress to a more America friendly balance. Obviously that message is not welcome to some on Long Island.

Wednesday night some of those thugs decided to splash their message across the billboard sign outside Lee Zeldin’s campaign office.  I think their message is loud and clear.

When members of the Bishop campaign staff showed up to ‘help’ take down the sign tonight the message we sent was equally clear.  Get off the property!

Visit the campaign website here and drop a little in the donation cup to replace the signs.

4 Responses to Stop Vets! The Democrat Rallying Cry this Election!

  1. Zeke Eagle says:

    Too pissed to coment without self incrimination. Suffice it to say, no such behavior goes without retribution.

  2. Jon says:

    Congressman Bishop Condemns Cowardly Vandalism

    Congressman Bishop condemns this act of cowardice and vandalism. Clearly, no one who actually supports Congressman Bishop would think that attacking veterans is the way to express their support.

    Upon being informed of this act of vandalism, Congressman Bishop immediately called Mr. Zeldin and offered his assistance to replace or clean the sign. That offer was rejected by Mr. Zeldin.

    Intelligent people can ask themselves who benefits from this act of vandalism and who wants to continue to see this sign displayed. The answer is not Tim Bishop.

    Suffolk County’s veteran community knows that they have no stronger supporter than Congressman Tim Bishop. He has two veterans caseworkers dedicated to serving veterans, including the immediate Past Commander of the Suffolk County American Legion and voted for the largest veterans health care increase in our nation’s history..

    Suffolk County residents know that Tim Bishop has run all his political campaigns with dignity and honor. This act of vandalism was not committed by anyone who supports Congressman Bishop and to suggest otherwise is a smear on his character. Congressman Bishop believes that we should focus on issues important to middle class families such as the economy and alternative energy and not waste our attention on childish behavior.

  3. libertyboy says:

    Showing up at a scheduled press event to offer ‘magnanimous’ condolences after thugs have destroyed, stolen and vandalized your opponent’s property is one of the oldest fascist tricks in the book.

    The orchestrated destruction of your opponent’s campaign signs is a sign of fear and cowardice. I’d look closely at Mr. Bishop’s campaign volunteers if I were you, Jon, starting with the SEIU thugs.

    Liberty Boy

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