How Media and Polls try to Manipulate Perceptions

I spent some time this morning reading a very interesting and astute article regarding the way in which polls either intentionally or unintentionally skew to the left. When added to how the media is portraying this election it becomes obvious that this war for the future of America is far from over. It will not be decided until election day. My advice? Remain firm in your convictions and speak to everyone you know about the media bias, the inaccurate polling and the type of America you grew up in and want to hand down to your children and your children’s children.

Here is how often the Media portrays each campaign favorably. Can you detect a trend?

Now go and read the whole article to find out why and how it happens.

The Left’s Big Blunder.

Then take the advice of the Hillary Clinton forum (I’m NOT kidding!):

Flashback:  Glenn Reynolds wrote about media bias in 2004.  His thoughts are still appropriate today:

But the press — and this, to me, is the most interesting and disturbing part of the story — has been shamelessly covering for Kerry, first by ignoring the story, then by spinning it, and now by confusing it.

A few years ago — maybe even a few months ago — I would have looked at a story like this and, if it never got much major play, would have assumed that there was nothing to it. Now I know better…

But if the institutional press is, as Evan Thomas suggested, capable of delivering a 15% margin to its preferred candidate, enough to decide almost any election, and if they’re willing to go to almost any lengths in delivering that margin, well, then, we’ve got a serious problem. (And we don’t, really, have a democracy.) To me (and to others) that’s a bigger deal than Bush v. Kerry, but it’s certainly illustrated by the Kerry issues of the last few months.


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