John Hall (D-NY) Advisor Fired For Involvement in Voter Fraud

Amy Little, John Hall’s former campaign manager and consultant in his current campaign against challenger Marine Corps Veteran Kieran Lalor, was fired by the Hall campaign yesterday. She registered and voted with an absentee ballot in Ohio for Barack Obama while she is a long time resident of New York. I congratulate John Hall for firing her after this was revealed, but one has to wonder; What did he know? and When did he know it?

Warren Throckmorton, a blogger from Pennsylvania broke the story:

I suppose this might be the fourth dot. The Franklin County Board of Elections confirmed tonight that Ms. Little did cast a vote In Ohio by absentee ballot.

There are three dots to connect in this post.

Dot one – Amy Little, former campaign manager for Rep. John Hall (D-NY) and current advisor, resides in New Paltz, New York (this is near Poughkeepsie).

Dot two – Ms. Little is in Columbus, Ohio (1979 N. Fourth Street to be exact) co-organizing Vote Today Ohio, a pro-Obama get out the vote group.

Dot three – Ms. Little registered to vote in Ohio even though she is a resident of New Paltz, NY.

His postings on this matter, in chronological order are here, here and here. Read all three!

The Poughkeepsie Journal has an article here.

The Record online has a story here.

Voter fraud is a direct attack on the constitution and the republic. The culture of corruption that infuses the Democrat party extends from the top to the base. It is time to get all the Democrats out of congress!

Vote for Kieran Lalor, a Marine Iraq Veteran and champion for the people of the 19th Congressional District!

Watch a debate between Kieran Lalor and John Hall at this page.

To make a donation go here.

If you live in or near the 19th CD give the campaign a call and see if you can help in any way!

5 Responses to John Hall (D-NY) Advisor Fired For Involvement in Voter Fraud

  1. jeffinputnam says:

    If Ms. Little voted in Ohio and had no intention of voting in New York, I can’t see how any law was broken. Though it was probably prudent for Congressman Hall to ‘terminate her contract’, as it was put in the PoJo article, there was no clear indication that any laws were broken. If she would have voted in New York on election day then all bets are off. In the meantime, some may not like the strategy, but if it’s legal, it’s legal.

  2. libertyboy says:

    Err, except that Ohio requires that the registered voter state that they will be a residnet of Ohio. Ms. Little had no intention of meeting that requirement. That equates to fraud.

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