Barack Obama Stuck on Stupid re: Terrorism

Barack Obama in an interview today with Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “Situation Room” demonstrated how unprepared he is to deal with terrorism or any other serious foreign policy challenge.

His plan for capturing Osama bin Laden includes such pre 9/11 thinking as stating he will use the law-enforcement model for dealing with the terrorist leader if he is captured:

We will kill him or capture him, try him, apply the death penalty to him where it is necessary.

And where, exactly, wouldn’t it be necessary, Mr. Obama?

This is the model that brought us 9/11. Sandy Gorelick’s brick wall between intelligence and law enforcement prior to 9/11 combined with a lack of seriousness about terrorism in the Clinton Administration set us up for the worst attack in American history. We have illegal combatants, terrorists, being held in Guantanamo Bay and friends of Barack Obama have been very active in the fight to grant them habeus corpus and get them released to commit more terrorist acts.

On the subject of Iran, Obama is still thinking in terms of diplomacy and sanctions:

And we have to both apply much tougher diplomacy and sanctions, potentially, if they do not move in a better direction.

If Obama hadn’t been so busy trying to undermine our troops by cutting off funding and such he might have been aware that for five years we have tried the diplomatic approach, backing the european nations who took the lead in negotiations. The europeans have finally given up, realizing that negotiations require the two sides to negotiate in good faith. The Iranians have never done so regardless of the inducements offered.

Furthermore, Obama was too busy vacationing in Hawaii to make a strong statement in opposition to the Russian attack on Georgia. He had to wait until John McCain took the lead and then parrot ‘Me Too’.

What is Barack going to do when any of the following events happens?

  • Syria invades Lebanon (Troops are building up on the border right now).
  • Russia reinvades Georgia (Russian forces remain in the two regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in numbers higher than would be required for any peacekeeping mission).
  • Russia invades Ukraine.
  • Iran tests a nuclear weapon.
  • America suffers another terrorist attack.

Perhaps all of these are above his pay grade?

America is at war. America needs a leader who is capable and prepared to lead on day one. Barack Obama has shown he is not that leader.


2 Responses to Barack Obama Stuck on Stupid re: Terrorism

  1. ctrip says:

    I’m voting for Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president.

    Unlike McCain, Bob Barr is not a renegade within his own party, condemning President Bush for so much that he did that was good.

    And Bob Barr was opposed to the bailout and to the investment of US government money into big banks, which is socialism. McCain was in favor of the bailout and in favor of investment of US government money in big banks.

    Please help me support Bob Barr. A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for conservative principles!

  2. libertyboy says:

    A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for Barack Obama.
    Get a life.
    I may not agree with everything John McCain has done, but I also know that he is a far sight better than Obama.

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