Grey Lady Slams Sarah Palin in Fake Poll

Lashing out in despair that they may actually lose their coveted position as the Ministry of Truth in an Obama administration, the New York Times today spewed more propaganda aimed at the Hockey Mom from Alaska who has them quaking in their boots.

Failing to dig up any dirt that would stick to Sarah Palin, the media resorted to questioning her experience and capabilities to lead. Never mind that she is running for Vice President unlike Barack Obama who, with considerably less experience, is running for President. Never mind that of all four candidates in this race she is the only one with actual experience running anything other than a goverment office or a military unit.

Now the Times, in a last gasp effort, has taken to smearing her with yet another whispering campaign stating that 59% of those they and CBS (another bastion of media impartiality, HAH!) polled said that Sarah Palin is not to be vice-president. Who did they poll? They don’t say. Where did they poll? They don’t say. What was their methodology in the poll? They don’t say.

In other words they have printed yet another bald faced propaganda hit job to try and get their socialist savior elected.

Hey Pinch! Hey Keller! Guess what! We know you lie. We know you support terrorists. We know you support anything that will destroy America. We know that you will attack anything that stands for America. We know that you will rabidly attack any honest, hardworking person or politician that stands between you and your socialist nirvana.

Your credibility with anyone not on your quiche and caviar, not to mention Arugula, eating circuit has sunken faster than your stock price. Here let me remind you:

Your latest desperate attack will not convince anyone other than your remaining ten loyal readers that your poll has any veracity. One only hopes that your trauma at seeing Sarah Palin elected as Vice President ends your sniveling little careers.

I can only say I knew the Grey Lady when she wasn’t a ho!

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Hat Tip: Pagan Power


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