John Hall (D-NY) Adviser tacitly Admits Voter Fraud for Barack Obama

We wrote an article the other day about Amy Little, the political consultant and former campaign manager to John Hall the incumbent Democrat in New York’s 19th Congressional District here.

Well her sins have caught up to Amy Little.  She has withdrawn her vote for Barack Obama in Ohio and will NOT be voting in New York either.  The Times Herald Record had the story yesterday:

New Paltz activist linked to Ohio voter fraud

NEW PALTZ — Amy Little isn’t voting in Ohio anymore. She just withdrew her ballot.

She says she isn’t voting in New York either, even though the Ulster County Board of Elections still has her on its rolls.

The well-known political mobilizer from New Paltz, and recently dismissed campaign adviser to Rep. John Hall, was tripped up this week in a whirlwind of voter fraud investigations in Ohio.

Little, 49, registered to vote in Ohio on Oct. 6, indicating she’d moved from her home at 142 Guilford Schoolhouse Road in New Paltz to a place at 1979 N. Fourth St. in Columbus.

Her new address doubles as headquarters for a grassroots get-out-the-vote group called Vote Today Ohio, which Little has been running to support Barack Obama in the hotly contested swing state.

Earlier this week, Franklin County [Ohio] Prosecuting Attorney Ron O’Brien confirmed that Little, and three other Vote Today Ohio transplants, were under scrutiny…

O’Brien’s office has been cracking down on voters who appear to be moving in for the election, with no plans to stay. Election fraud is a felony in Ohio

He’s in discussions with her attorney about her status.

How many more Amy Littles are out there?  People who are actively undermining our electoral system to promote their socialist agenda?  Quite a few, I fear.  From Barack Obama on down the Democrat party has been subverted by the radicals of the far left.

Vote on Tuesday.  Vote for honesty.  Vote for Democracy.  Vote for Freedom.  Vote Republican.


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