Vets for McCain Victory Rally Albany NY 11/01/08

In Albany a small crowd of local Republican candidates, elected officials, and veteran voters gathered in Clinton Square on North Pearl Street Saturday morning in a rally to support Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

Waterford Mayor J. Bert Mahoney explained how he had served alongside McCain on the USS Oriskany during Vietnam and how McCain had suffered several injuries after being hit by shrapnel when a rocket accidentally fired on the deck of the aircraft carrier and struck McCain’s plane, from which he only narrowly escaped, according to Mahoney.

“John McCain could have come home, his squadron came home, his ship came home, but John McCain volunteered to stay on duty,” said Mahoney, who went on to describe how McCain was later shot down on Oct. 26, 1967, and held for more than five years as a prisoner of war. “There’s nobody that has the courage, the patriotism, the character, and the thought of country first than John McCain and that’s why we’ve got to elect him commander in chief and president of the United States.”

Read an excellent report on the rally here in the Troy Record.

For more media reports read:
Times Union
Capital News 9 Has a little bit of video mixed with video of an Obama rally.
Fox News 23


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