Why Barack Obama Lost This Election

Here are five of the reasons in this outstanding post on Hillbuzz.

We truly believe if all of us continue to work as hard as possible tonight and tomorrow in get-out-the-vote efforts, and if we control the Eeyores in our midst and prevent the Obamedia from depressing turnout in our ranks, that McCain/Palin will win tomorrow decidedly — 286 to 252 in the electoral college –  and we PUMAs will stand proud with all Republicans and Independents who joined us in this fight, because that’s what it really boils down to for us. We’ve been trying to stop Obama and his socialist takeover of this country for almost two years now. Living in Chicago, we KNOW who this man REALLY IS, and know how bad he and his policies would be for this country. So, the way we see it, Republicans are OUR REINFORCEMENTS, not the other way around, because Hillary’s Army has been giving this effort our all this whole time — with the rest of you coming on board since the start of the general election.

So, our perpsective is well-informed, as our daily lives have been consumed with this campaign for much longer than yours. Some of us have given everything we have to this cause, and many of you out there have helped us in every way you can (and, frankly, there’s no way we could ever thank you enough for doing so).

Read the whole thing here.

I, for one, would like to publicly thank the PUMAs for all they have done in this election cycle.  We in New York are acutely aware of your efforts both here and in the battleground states.  Although we probably disagree on a great many things, we have one over-reaching thing in common.

We Love Our Country More Than Politics.

Thank you all of my new friends.


One Response to Why Barack Obama Lost This Election

  1. paganpower says:

    Speaking as one of those PUMAs, you are very welcome.

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