Sarah Palin: Media continue to Revile a Champion

Following yesterdays resounding victory for Republicans in Georgia there is really no denying that Sarah Palin commands the hearts and minds of the Republican base. This infuriates the media since they believe they have effectively torpedoed her image. Sarah Palin is one of the most feared people to the American left. Her attachment to the McCain ticket was the only thing that saved the Republicans from a total rout on election day. The media lies and attempts to dig up dirt on her are legendary. No other candidate has ever been subjected to the kind of blatant media bias as she has. And she comes back for round two fighting with all the vigor that one would expect from a champion.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger listens as Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska takes questions at a meeting of the nations governors in Philadelphia, Pa.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger listens as Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska takes questions at a meeting of the nation's governors in Philadelphia, Pa.

Two stories today reveal how she has a resounding magnetism for the people, and how the press will throw aside any semblance of decorum to smear her.

Adam Graham at Culture11 writes this:

Palin Power: There’s No Denying It

And yet, thousands showed up for Sarah Palin’s stops in Georgia on a Monday. Who else could draw a crowd of Thousands to come out to a political rally on a work day in December, in a state where folks have got to be thoroughly tired of politics? It’s a power of a leader that the party regulars love and believe in. Contrary to what some folks wish, she’s not going away. If Bob McConnell’s smart, expect to see here at least once if not more during next year’s Virginia’s gubenatorial race

The die hard Palin haters in the media meantime are undeterred by the fact that they have been spouting lies about Sarah Palin for months now. Unrepentant they continue to propagandize for the democrat party.

Warner Todd Huston at Stop the ACLU has an example of one such here:

On Gov. Palin All the Lies Fit to Print

It seems that Froma Harrop of Creator’s Syndicate news service was on vacation from just about five days before the general election until today and she’s just catching up on all the Palin hatin’ she must have missed. Unfortunately for Harrop, she still hasn’t caught up with the truth yet because her latest is filled with every lie about Governor Palin she could jam into one column, quite despite that for weeks her digs have been proven lies…

Froma Harrop committed journalistic malpractice of a gross nature with this lie-filled, uniformed rant. But, where Governor Sarah Palin is concerned, Harrop’s slobbering is wholly unoriginal. She, like many of her hate addled colleagues, are so consumed with vitriol for Sarah Palin that any manner of lies and false charges are fair game and are to be considered “facts” in their world of venomous malignity. As far as Palin is concerned it’s attack now, worry about truth later… or not at all. And in Harrop’s case it is not at all because she regurgitates lies here that have been thoroughly debunked weeks ago.

Read both articles to see the juxtaposition of reality vs. moonbattery.

In the meantime I will continue to root for Sarah Palin!


5 Responses to Sarah Palin: Media continue to Revile a Champion

  1. Pat Dixon says:

    Pathetic. I’m a 70-yr-old veteran, and Obama is doing a huge clean-up job of Bush’s s#!t. How can you whores of the GOP/Big Business rip-off bandits look yourselves in the f#@king mirror? One thing I’ve learned in my 70 yrs. is that most of the people are stupid most of the time–& b@st@ards like you are eager to prey on their stupidity & profit from stirring up trouble. NO WONDER OUR COUNTRY IS AS F#@KED UP AS IT IS. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

  2. Pat Dixon says:

    Call her the “HALF GOVERNOR”–she quit in order to make $$$ off of fools, & she is succeeding. At least Arnold has some integrity still. And 20x more brains than she has.

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