Is Barack Hussein Obama the new Spiro Agnew?

More and more evidence is mounting that the Barack Obama presidency will be the most corrupt administration to ever enter the White House. From the outright lies he spouted to the American public that he never spoke or met with Governor Blagojevich to his sordid past and possible direct bribe taking himself. The media have been his willing accomplices in his cover up of his past and current activities. Turning a blind eye to allegations of past criminal activity and whitewashing or outright removing their prior news stories which contradict Obama’s “Current Truth’.

Will this be our future view of Barack Hussein Obama in a jail cell?

Will this be our future view of Barack Hussein Obama in a jail cell?

The media deliberately ignored Obama’s connections to Tony Rezko (convicted felon), Valerie Jarrett (known in Chicago for her housing fraud and slumlord deals), James Meeks (rabid homophobe), Yesse Yehudah (whom you have probably never heard of, but who gave Obama a $10,000 bribe 8 years ago), Mayor Daley (where do we begin?), Rod Blagojevich (who you are hearing about only now, and whom Obama worked for, alongside Rahm Emanuel, back in 2002), Emil Jones (the absolute worst of what Illinois has to offer), Jeremiah Wright (of whom you’ve only seen the smallest tip of the teensiest iceberg), Jan Schakowsky (wife of convicted felon Robert Creamer, who taught at Camp Obama), Vera Baker (the mystery woman of Martinique), and whole host of others…

Remember, the complaint against Blagojevich alleges he told Children’s Memorial Hospital that if they wanted an $8 million state reimbursement, the CEO needed to give Blagojevich a large campaign donation, in the realm of $50,000.

Obama did the same thing 8 years ago, but with Yesse Yehudah and a $75,000 community grant Obama diverted to Yehudah when he was in the state senate. Yehudah is a Republican, so it seemed strange at the time that Obama, a Democrat, would push for a $75,000 grant to Yehudah’s personal charity. And then, even more strangely, Yehudah, a Republican, arranged for 10 $1,000 contributions to be made, all on the same day, to Obama’s campaign fund (at the time, Obama was hurting for money, coming off an unsuccessful 1998 bid to take Bobby Rush’s seat in Congress). 10 people who had never given to any political campaign before, and who could barely afford to pay their own rent, and were all associated with or employed by Yehudah in some way, all decided to give $1,000 to Obama — out of the blue, on the same day. And that same day, surprisingly enough, was the day the grant cleared to Yehudah.

In essence, Yehudah got $65,000 from the state grant for himself, and Obama’s fee for arranging this was $10,000 for his own pocket.

And then there’s the deal Obama struck with Tony Rezko, which enabled Obama to buy a mansion he could not otherwise afford, because of heavy lifting done on his behalf by magical real estate fairy Rezko. The owner of the mansion would not sell it to Obama because Obama did not have enough money to buy both the mansion and the large lot next to it, and the seller insisted both the house and the adjacent lot had to be sold the same day. So, Obama bought the house and Tony Rezko’s wife bought the lot next door, so Obama in essence got a mansion worth twice what he paid for it (since shortly thereafter, Rezko’s wife sold enough of her land parcel to Obama to give him enjoyment of the land, and make resale of the land to any other entities undesirable. For all intents and purposes, that whole neighboring parcel also became the Obama’s private property). –HillBuzz

Tony Rezko, who was convicted on a host of charges, was singing to Federal Prosecutors about others involved with his shady dealings up until Barack Obama won the election in November. Now he stands mute awaiting his presidential pardon.

Finally, the search engine many use as their primary means of finding information on the internet, joins the Obama cover up. Google removes cached copies of news stories regarding Obama/Blagojevich meetings. I wonder if Obama’s consideration of an appointment of a major Google founder to his administration as Chief Technology Officer has anything to do with that? Perhaps the title of that position should be changed to Chief Propaganda Enforcement Officer.

Could this be Obama’s Whitewater?

Oh, and for those who object to my use of Obama’s middle name in the title, see this story here.


One Response to Is Barack Hussein Obama the new Spiro Agnew?

  1. john says:

    There is a good chance Barak H. Obama has stuck his neck in a noose. Fitzgerald has a way of making underlings talk to save their own hides.

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