Obama: The Sinking Ship


Even the Main Stream Media realizes the disaster they have brought onto America, but they will still try to bail the behemoth out.  Perhaps we need to send them more tea bags?  They’ll have plenty of water.

From Accuracy in Media:

Simon says, “Blame the media.” Roger Simon of Pajamas Media, that is. And he’s talking about the blame for having put into power a president who lacks the experience for the job.

The media knew that but bought into Barack Obama’s Teleprompted “hope and change” rhetoric. Now, well short of the much-hyped, 100-days milestone of Obama’s presidency, the media seem to be contemplating annulment, or worse, a nasty divorce. Even The New York Times, a publication whose journalistic sins are heinous enough to deserve a boycott, is lobbing editorial grenades at The One.

Here’s what Simon says about the Ivory Tower brigade’s about-face on the president who rose to power thanks to their malpractice: “The election of Barack Obama was orchestrated by our mainstream media. They anointed him. They should suffer the consequences.”

Read the whole thing.

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