SEIU/ACORN Alliance Exposed by Glenn Beck

This is a brilliant show.  Stick with it through the fish part, it is worth the wait.

Mark McKinnon has a wealth of information on the tentacles of SEIU.

More from Wake Up America:

A Glenn Beck interview with an election attorney has exposed the fact that the SEIU (Service Employees INTERNATIONAL Union) contracted the angry mob which intimidated AIG employees at their own homes this past week. According  this report, the “Muscle for Money” program, revealed by a former A.C.O.R.N. employee at hearings held last October, involves formal work contracts between the SEIU & A.C.O.R.N. in which poor persons are paid to make targeted, aggressive protests. These “protests” are then covered by the MainStreamMedia with the appearance of spontaneous events led by “everyday citizens.”


One Response to SEIU/ACORN Alliance Exposed by Glenn Beck

  1. fredwich says:

    Thank goodness someone is doing to actual journalism these days, but it’s a tragedy for America it happens to be a commentator. Looking down the road, yeah, ACORN and the census. What could possibly go wrong?

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