Campaigning for Tedisco in Dutchess County

Some of us New Yorkers took some time from our busy schedules this past weekend and traveled north to Dutchess County to stump for the Tedisco campaign.  Jim Tedisco is running to fill the congressional seat vacated when Gilibrand was appointed Senator for New York State.  The 20th Congressional District is HUGE.  We were at the very southern tip.  It extends north almost to Canada and west nearly to Binghampton.

The area we were in was mostly suburban/rural.  We kid that we walked the district, but, frankly, we drove up to many houses because walking was taking far too long!  One driveway was nearly a half mile long ending in a farm.

The people were friendly and mostly supportive for the candidate.

Red Squirrel of the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade was with us and took photos.

We pray that Jim Tedisco wins tomorrow and that the tide has finally turned on the madness in Washington.


One Response to Campaigning for Tedisco in Dutchess County

  1. My friends and I enjoy politics. I am very happy I moved to Dutchess County because of the camaraderie I’ve found in my neighborhood. As a senior citizen I find it refreshing to get involved in community activities and political events; it makes me feel good to work towards a common goal.

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