Obama: The NY Dissing Moron

Today, in a stunt that highlights the moronic left wing political instincts of the moron in chief, the White House sent the backup Air Force One 747 and at least one f-16 jet fighter to fly over the Statue of Liberty for what they called a “photo op”.  Unfortunately, they neglected to put the word out to the general population, and those they did tell were told to keep it classified.

What would you expect to happen when large. loud, low flying aircraft start sircling an area where the wounds of 911, although eight and a half years distant, are still fresh and traumatic?

There are people who think that 911 was not an attack on the United States, not a big deal, and not worth keeping in mind.  Unfortunately, one of those morons and his lackeys are now in the White House.



The New York Daily News has some reactions from New Yorkers:

I was crying and praying to God to forgive me my sins because I thought I was going to get killed,” said Kathleen Filandro, who fled from 1New York Plaza when she spotted the planes.

It’s like someone coming up to you, sticking a gun to your head for 15 seconds, walking away and hearing 20 minutes later it was an undercover cop posing for a photo,” said Wall Street worker Bill Privett.

Meanwhile, back at the White House the hatchet guy, Rahm Emanuel, went hunting for someone to take the fall:

A short time later, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel tracked down Caldera and “relayed the President’s displeasure,” sources said.

“The President was furious,” a White House insider said.

So, following their crass political instincts, the White House and the Media blame this all as a military operation and drag out Louis Caldera, the director of the White House military office to take the blame.  As in all things in this White House,

The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here!


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