Obama to Sell Alaska to Saudis


Heh, Can you see the headlines now?

Ok, maybe this isn’t the crisis Joe Biden was referring to during the election campaign, but it certainly would be an outrageous option that Obama might take to solve many of his problems with converting this country to socialism…

In fact, it would explain why He and the Democrats don’t seem to be concerned at all about spending the country into debtor’s prison.  They feel they have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card!

Besides, don’t you think Saudi Alaska has a nice ring to it?

Look at the advantages to him:

  1. Brings in cash to fund the enormous deficit/debt he has created.
  2. Puts ANWR permanently off the table as a place for America to drill.
  3. Allows him to tout his non-existent capitalist ideals “Buy Low, Sell High”.
  4. Wins him applause from tree huggers for protecting the Arctic wilderness.
  5. Wins him praise from his pseudo intellectual buddies for “Thinking outside the box”.
  6. Gives the Euro-weenies the chance to laud him for ‘humbling’ America.
  7. Gives the Fawning Media another chance to proclaim the ‘Second Coming’.
  8. Repays a debt to his Saudi Pals.
  9. Rids him of a bunch of Bible clutching, gun toting, snow machine racing racists.
  10. Oh, and it conveniently gets rid of a pesky Alaskan Hockey Mom.

So look for Barry bin Sellin’s next headline in the Spread the Obama Love Media!

4 Responses to Obama to Sell Alaska to Saudis

  1. There’s another reason we can add to your list:

    11. Rids Obama of a potential opponent, Sarah Palin, for the 2012 election.



  2. NYCEagleD says:

    HMMM… Is caribou Halal?

  3. […] Perhaps it was to get them in line before the influx of cash from selling Saudi Alaska! […]

  4. David Stark says:

    To rochester_veteran:

    That’s what number 10 was referring to.

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