David Letterman has a Pedophilia Problem


In a cry for help, David Letterman revealed his need for pedophilia counseling with his performance on the Late Night Show.  His reference to a sexual act between a fourteen year old girl and a man displays the deep dark recesses of his inner lust.  Perhaps the fantasy of watching a young girl forcibly violated excites him to an extent that would be revolting to anyone with a moral compass.  In prison people like this are singled out for ‘extra’ attention by other inmates.

It is now obvious that others at CBS had a problem with David’s fantasies as they edited out his remarks from the transcript of the show.  Perhaps they should go the extra step and refer him to counseling as they now have proof of his inclination toward pedophilia.

His non-apology was nearly as demeaning and abusive as his original remarks.

Perhaps also, Connecticut Child Protective Services should investigate whether David Letterman takes his son to NAMBLA meetings for fun.

More here, and here.


12 Responses to David Letterman has a Pedophilia Problem

  1. I know Letterman is bristling at the predictable inclusion of his little boy in all this – as he should. Hatred fueled the rise of Obama. That irrationality continues. It’s difficult to give up the high: Energy, focus, clarity. Life is simpler when there is a target (in this case any promising Republican). After a point, it becomes a psychological disorder. In short order, independents who voted for Obama are going to realize that entertainers and commentators like Letterman are CRAZY. Curative voting will follow.

  2. jack says:

    Letterman is a pedophile of the first order.

    • Kevin says:

      You people are idiots. Letterman is a victim of forshadowing election rhetoric. Palin is the stupidest cunt in the world. Shut up with your brainless drech.

  3. Susie Brighton says:

    How funny would it be if we followed Letterman’s lead while using the same justification he did for his verbal sexual abuse of Bristol Palin (really of Willow but lets allow him to change which daughter’s underpants he was really in) her being an unwed mother, fantasized ourselves on national TV about his slutty looking wife who herself was an unwed mother. Then also fantasized that when Letterman took his underage son to the Congress, Barney Frank had his way with him in the bathroom in between hearings in Congress.

  4. Hans Klein says:

    Aack, I hate that David. Traitor to the peacock.

  5. Max says:

    Letterman was making a joke about Bristol Palin, who is 18. In making a joke about her promiscuity, he made a joke about a legal adult who had consented (among other things) to keep herself in the public eye, embarking on a national campaign promoting teen abstinence (she hired a babysitter). In short, he did his job. Maybe it was tasteless or maybe it wasn’t, but no minors–not Willow Palin, though he could have checked to see which daughter was in town for that Yankees game–were implicated in Letterman’s joke. More than I can say for the categorically tasteless comment above about the molestation of a five year old by a U.S. congressman.

    Susie Brighton, shame on you.

  6. Fred Martinez says:

    I wouldent be surprised if he is . He should be of the air until further investigation is done.

  7. Michael Marino says:

    Really people…he made a mistake, you are probably a bunch of old people commenting on it who can not take a joke, that is what is wrong with everyone, they can not take a bloody joke. He made a jab at Palin’s oldest and mixed up the name…so what! The problem with you people is that you get the idea that he is after little kids…you people seriously have issues. It’s an old man on a show in America who has some of the highest ratings on the network he is on, no little kid is watching this and it is the people who write the jokes who should be blamed for the joke. I think you people just think when something gets sexual even if it is a mix up that it is a bad thing…get over yourselves and do something else with your spare time if you do not want to watch Letterman. If you hate him and do not want him on the air notify the network he is on, they’ll gladly throw your letter away, like the owners actually care what the people think! Just watch something else or get off your lazy asses and do something about it, words may be a good way to express yourself but why not take action instead of complaining about it on some half-baked news article made probably by some Sarah Palin supporter. Most of us know that she is a tart, she basically screwed up John McCain, she’s a pretty bimbo Barbie in a politician outfit, when she opens her mouth the shit comes flying out. Most of you Americans think that she is an idiot and in England we think the same thing her daughters even relfect it. The oldest has ruined her life and has to take care of a baby she will probably be living off her parents while Palin whores herself out (no idea who would want a piece of that bag of dust and silicon)

  8. BO the BFer says:

    It will eventually be revealed that Letterman raped his son. It’s the only sex he can get without paying for it, except for sucking on Barney Frank’s butt-plug.

  9. […] The current revelations about his preying on staff members for sexual favors explains so much of his past behavior.  Who but a sexual predator would have the rape fantasies of Sarah Palin’s daughters that Letterman revealed in the recent past. […]

  10. LO says:

    OMG you guys are all f-ing nutcases. It was a damn joke who the Flying f-ck cares. You guys are N-U-T-S.

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