Global Warming is Malarky, Eco Zealots are Religious Fanatics


The whole rationale behind the Cap and Tax fiasco is based upon bogus science provided by ecological zealots.  They go so far as to bury reports that dispute their religious beliefs, and that is exactly what global warming has become to them, a religious belief.  Anyone who challenges them is denounced as a heretic, they sell indulgences just like the medieval Catholic church in the form of carbon offsets, they believe that original sin is the effect humans are supposedly having on the environment.  They believe in self flagellation through their prescription to solve their fake crisis; Destroy the manufacturing and industrial base of the United State.

Anyone with any background in Astronomy will be able to spot the obvious fallacies of the Church of Global Warming right off the bat.  Especially if they have been reading the literature on what is happening to our neighboring planets in the solar system.  Evidence of warming had become apparent on several of them, yet there were no humans there to cause it.  Why would that be?  How could the sin of climate change be committed without human presence?  The zealots ignore the issue entirely.

Let’s look at the facts.  This solar system, it’s planets, all the asteroids, comets, planetessimals, the oort cloud, all of it, is dominated by the sun.  What few realize is that the sun makes up 98% or so of the entire mass of the solar system.  98%.  Think about that for a moment.  Oh, and by the way, the sun is a giant nuclear furnace which is hour by hour consuming more hydrogen as nuclear fuel than the entire mass of the earth.

So, the 2% of the mass of the solar system not part of the sun includes the massive gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune as well as the rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the other planets/planetesimals Pluto, Ceres, Sedna, Xena and the multitudinous asteroids, comets, etc…


Even in this group Earth makes up a miniscule part.  You might notice it as the blue dot in the lower left.

Yet somehow we can be responsible for the warming change that took place in our solar system over ten years ago?  It beggars belief.

The second major issue is the sun itself.  The sun is a star.  All stars are variable.  As noted earlier the sun is a giant nuclear furnace running on its hydrogen fuel.  But it is not an orderly furnace where fuel is pumped in on a set schedule at set amounts.  The sun is a cauldron of gases which have all the properties of gases mixing under intense heat and pressure.  Different densities, chemical compositions, dynamic flows all result in variations.  The truly remarkable and wondrous thing is that for the most part all these variabilities even themselves out and produce a astoundingly even flow of energy,  but even then some of the variability does leak through in cycles like the eleven year sunspot cycle and other longer term cycles.

We have just come through a period of extremely low sunspot activity (think of them as storms on the sun).  The only previously recorded period of minimal sunspot activity occurred in the 1800s as the time of the Little Ice Age.  Now look at the global tempatures of the earth as measured by satellites over the past ten years.  What do you see?  The tempature of the earth has been dropping, not warming.

In geological history there are many periods in which the earth has been much warmer and much cooler than it is today.  Almost all of these changes took place before humans even existed on the planet.  They were the result of solar variability, not human intervention.  There were also periods when carbon in the atmosphere was much higher and lower, yet it didn’t directly relate to the temperature increases/decreases.  What makes the eco zealots so convinced that humans are causing it now?  Belief, pure and simple.

I don’t hold much truck with religious fanatics of any stripe and the eco zealots defintiely fall into that category.

Their plans to destroy the United States, couched in terms of “saving the planet”, must be defeated at any cost.

Geez! Now we’re apologizing to India for global warming we didn’t and couldn’t have created and isn’t taking place!

At least India still has some rational folks in charge!

Heh, Dissension as scientists fight for truth!


4 Responses to Global Warming is Malarky, Eco Zealots are Religious Fanatics

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  4. J. Nicholson says:

    I am by no means a religious zealot. In fact, I lean towards being an atheist. But all one has to do to **see** the drastic climate changes is step out one’s front door.

    Wake up and smell the reality, Liberty Boys.

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