A Modest Proposal: Pave Central Park!

As Global Cooling takes hold on our small globe, and the glaciers begin to move in their stately progression down the Hudson Valley once more, people will wonder how we let such a preventable calamity occur.

iceage_New York

Obviously there were steps we could have taken to prevent New York City from disappearing under an ice sheet.  There must have been ways to warm the climate to stop the inexorable creep of the white cliffs that threaten to bury the product of several hundred years of settlement and progress in the city between two rivers.


But what were they?

One proposal never adequately considered was the paving of Central Park.  As the largest open and undeveloped real estate in Manhattan, the alteration of all that green space to concrete and asphalt would provide a significant heat sink to retain the declining solar radiation.

What’s more, the economic advantages of finally putting all of that open space to use would be remarkably beneficial!

Why suffer the long commute or gut twisting cab ride to get to any of the distant airports serving New York City?  Bring the airport to us!

Manhattan Airport Map

The Manhattan Airport Foundation has the scoop!

Save the City from Global Cooling!  Pave the Park!

Hat Tip: Coyote Blog

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