How Socialism Came to America


We know that socialism has arrived on our shores, but do we know how it happened?  A steady subversive stream eroded American values and then the tide was tipped by a traitor who had the means to effect a revolution.

Said to be the world’s thirty-eighth richest man, George Soros possesses about $7 billion in net worth, $11 billion in investments, and his foundations disperse more than $400 million a year for a variety of causes ranging from euthanasia and abortion to legalization of recreational drugs and Left-wing political power building. His political philosophy is drawn from some rather balmy ideas about “open societies” expressed by Karl Popper, under whom Soros studied in 1948 at the notorious left-wing London School of Economics. For Professor Popper, an atheist, nothing was “self-evident.”  Drawing on Popper’s teaching, Soros concluded that the U.S. Declaration of Independence, rather than based on so-called “self-evident truths,” is but a statement of “our imperfect understanding” of the world around us.  Hence, America’s founding documents are disposable in what Soros believes is our godless society.

Read the whole thing here.


2 Responses to How Socialism Came to America

  1. centurean2 says:

    Fabians infiltration took Socialism to America long before the birth of Soras he’s just another tool.
    The Fabian PMs of Britain were all welcomed to America.
    Thatcher so far the only one found not to be a Fabian Commie.
    I’m still hunting though.
    The CFR = Fabians.

  2. pub says:

    Thank you for calling this scum Soros out finally. He has no business being an American citizen since he considers it worthless because the world will soon have open borders. Soros is a subversive and should have deported and blocked from the economic system long ago. Get these Democrats and Republicans OUT of our government so we can protect our country!

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