Barack Obama: Begging Mission Fails

October 2, 2009

Obama Olympics Epic Fail

The unseemly begging mission of the president of the United States to secure the 2016 Olympics for Chicago was another epic fail.

The committee was unmoved by appeals from both the president, his wife and Oprah Winfrey.

But it did promote the image that this president is not beneath anything.

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Losing the Love!

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David Letterman: Big Raise?

October 2, 2009

David Letterman is a sexual predator.

Letterman Big Raise

The current revelations about his preying on staff members for sexual favors explains so much of his past behavior.  Who but a sexual predator would have the rape fantasies of Sarah Palin’s daughters that Letterman revealed in the recent past.

Now we hear that there has been a revolving door of staff members (whom he plaintively stresses were all female) who he preyed on for sexual favors.  One can imagine the storage room with the stained office chairs awaiting disposal.


Or perhaps he keeps them as trophies?  With little stickers recording his conquests like “Cathy the Cue Card Girl”

If CBS has any code of ethics I think they have just had a major violation, which they undoubtedly knew about, thrust into the spotlight.

So, what did CBS know and when did they know it?

Michelle Malkin has more here.

Of course the media elite will excuse this behavior.

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