Whistleblower on the New Black Panther Case

September 25, 2010

J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice lawyer, blows the whistle on the dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther party.  He is interviewed by Megyn Kelly of Fox News.


We’ve Got To Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero

August 8, 2010

Project Shining City Video:


New Solar Observatory Should Provide Some Climate Answers

January 29, 2010

I have long argued that the Sun, that churning cauldron of nuclear fire, is central to climate on Earth as well as all the other planets in our Solar System.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory should provide some amazing new insights into how the Sun influences everything in its neighborhood.

It should also debunk much of the Anthropogenic Global Warming farce!

Hat Tip: Universe Today

Patriots Protest Ackerman!

January 9, 2010

Dozens of Hearty Patriots showed up outside the offices of Congressman Gary Ackerman Friday morning to protest

Nassau TEA has more!

Thug Politics: Charles Barron, NYC Council

December 2, 2009

In the brave new post racial world of Barack Hussein Obama, politics is a refined, civilized, sport.  Or at least that is what they would like suckers to believe.

Evidently New York City Councilman Charles Barron (Brooklyn) , and a former Black Panther, didn’t get the memo.  Or learned his definition of refined or civilized from his hero Robert Mugabe, dictator in all but name of Zimbabwe.

Pissed off that he was not the star speaker at the ground breaking for a new building at the City University of New York, and even more by where he was seated, he decided to take matters into his own hands and commandeer the podium.  When CUNY Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld called him what he is, “a disgrace”, Barron went on a bloviating hypocritical rant, calling Wiesenfeld a “racist’.

Afterwards Barron had this to say about the CUNY Trustee:

[He’s] “a right- wing, racist, ignorant fool,” [who] “should not be sitting on the board of trustees of CUNY.”

This from the guy who is a big fan of a dictator, who behaves like a thug, and displays no intelligence whatsoever?

Wiesenfeld’s remarks afterwards were much more astute:

“This individual has no civility. He has no personal decency. All of us can have a persecution complex. My parents, my wife’s parents were in concentration camps, I’m sure his ancestors were subject to slavery, but that is no excuse for his ill-fitting conduct in public, the way he deals with other public officials.”

Barron’s Chief of Staff, Viola Plummer, called for the assassination of another black politician in 2007:

It is time for the people of Brooklyn to look for a replacement for Charles Barron.  I am certain they can find someone more intelligent, more civilized, and who doesn’t fawn over murderous thug dictators, and doesn’t embrace thug politics, to effectively represent them on the New York City Council.

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Here is a short video of CUNY Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld speaking in 2007:

Al Gore: To be sued over Global Warming Fraud!

November 23, 2009

The founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, and 30,000 scientists are going to launch that suit!

For more on the Global Warming Hoax go here.

And here.

Barack Obama: Begging Mission Fails

October 2, 2009

Obama Olympics Epic Fail

The unseemly begging mission of the president of the United States to secure the 2016 Olympics for Chicago was another epic fail.

The committee was unmoved by appeals from both the president, his wife and Oprah Winfrey.

But it did promote the image that this president is not beneath anything.

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Losing the Love!

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