Patriots Protest Ackerman!

Dozens of Hearty Patriots showed up outside the offices of Congressman Gary Ackerman Friday morning to protest

Nassau TEA has more!

One Response to Patriots Protest Ackerman!

  1. sam says:

    I doubt this is real. I lived 2hrs from Johnsontown PA for 30 years before moving to south florida. I’m also a biker in an MC.

    1) the only rally i’m familary with in Johnsontow is thunder in the valley. held in jun.
    2) this article is dated Jan 2010. IF they had duct taped this idiot to a tree in Jan he’d have died of exposure. Incase you didn’t know it’s cold in PA in Jan.
    3) He just looks to damn good. If someone threw dye on my leathers going into an event, he wouldn’t look like good when i duct taped him to the tree. (if i duct taped him to a tree I can think of worse things to do).

    My guess it’s fake.

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